Corporate Services
We understand the competitive spirit and busy schedule of corporate employees. Because of prolonged working hours and sustained pressure it becomes difficult for them to rejuvenate and take treatment in appropriate time whenever they require. It is every ones duty to take utmost care for their physical and mental status and revitalise them on time to avoid any RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries). Looking into this, we keep our option open to send our consultants on prior appointment basis to extend their skills and services to corporate people at their office premises.

Our tem can also be hired for any seminar/awareness programs on “Computer Related Injuries/RSI and Ergonomics principles to be followed”.

Recently we had a similar kind of seminar at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Bhubaneswar.

Health Camps
Sometimes we conduct Health Camps at our clinics or any public places as an awareness program. Our team give consultation and advice patients with free of cost/ with very nominal charges. Recently we had camp at Sriram Vihar Apartment (residential society in Bhubaneswar).

First Aid Help Desk
Our professional physios are frequently being hired by some sports organisers to be present during the events and provide first aid with on field Physiotherapy.

Being an academician Dr. Chinmaya always believes in “Professional Development is the only shortcut to personal development”. So far he has attended nearly 15 National level seminars/workshops/conferences etc and also presented some scientific papers and seminars at both state and national level. He plays key role in organising some state level seminars and workshops in Bhubaneswar.

Articles/Patient Education


TV Shows/Interviews
Director of Foster Physio is regularly being interviewed by some news channels for their health programs. Sometimes he is also invited to their studios for discussions in front of the camera on a specific topic or live phone in programs.